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Watch a Coffee Nerd Tour of San Francisco

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Coffee aficionados, you now have an internet series to call your own. In the first episode of Caffeination, host Brandon Davenport takes a tour of San Francisco's finest coffee houses, stopping at usual suspects like Blue Bottle, Ritual Coffee, Four Barrel, Sightglass. He gets a lecture from Luciano Repetto, owner of Graffeo Coffee, on how Americans don't know how to drink coffee properly: "It's very important for you gentlemen to realize that Americans basically don't drink that much coffee. They drink coffee-flavored milk drinks." He also hangs out with this guy: "Carey is a surfer from Hawaii who invented an eco-friendly and super dope looking coffee brewing system." Also he tries the coffee at Denny's, because why not. Below, the video. The next episode is Portland, obviously.

Video: CAFFEINATION Episode 1: San Francisco

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