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Mystery Tipper Gives Servers Enormous Tips in Utah

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Although big tips pop up from time to time, it is very rare to find a serial big tipper. But that's exactly what the town of Ogden, Utah has on its hands: someone is going around town, racking up bar tabs, and tipping thousands on them. First, the mysterious tipper left a $5,000 tip on a $214.75 bar tab at Brewski's. Notes the Standard-Examiner, "Proprietors of Brewskis have declined comment on the tipping incident there; word on the street is that the windfall may have caused hard feelings among some members of the bar's staff."

The second tip was left at Alleged, where the POS system wouldn't even let them run the $1,000 tip because the software is designed to prevent fraud. The servers apparently checked several times to make sure he wasn't drunk, but nope: just generous. Jared Allen, Alleged's owner, says he heard other accounts of the mysterious tipster around town: "I guess they were golfing in Eden the day before and tipped the girl with the beer cart $1,000...I heard she was crying." Servers of Ogden, put your game faces on.

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