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Checking in on Eater NY's Shitshow Week 2013: Day 4

And now, a look at today's updates from Eater NY's Shitshow Week 2013:

Nicoletta, NYC. [Photo: Krieger/Eater NY]

· The first Deathwatch decree of Shitshow Week 2013 has dropped, and the dubious distinction goes to Michael White's East Village pizzeria Nicoletta, called "the black sheep of the Altamarea Group." Panned by critics and ignored by neighborhood folks, Eater NY argues: "It wouldn't be surprising to see White and Ahmass Fakahany close Nicoletta and turn it into another concept or a branch of Osteria Morini sometime in the next year."

· Comedian and Top Chef recapper Max Silvestri heads to Manon to determine whether or not the restaurant is a shitshow. The visit involves an awkward encounter in an elevator, a comparison to Fellini improv, and a rumination on table lamp discovery: "Is Manon the first restaurant to offer bespoke luminescence? Congratulations!"

· The airing of grievances continues, this time with an edition anonymously written by NYC chefs and restaurateurs. Among chefs' frustrations: the word "overpriced," bacterially spoiled wines, and "the phrase 'whenever possible' on a menu."

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