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Watch the Nordic Food Lab Forage for Beer Ingredients

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Here's a video from the chefs at the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen that shows the team on a foraging expedition. Led by Noma master forager Trevor Moran and beer-brewing ethnobiologist Rick Stepp, the team searches the woods for plants that can be used to make beer. They dig, pick, pull up, and taste plants like clove root, chickweed, and pine shoots. (Moran at one point exclaims: "Oh Jesus it's so good!" after eating wood sorrel). They also discuss the history of the European spice trade and how plants can influence their environment to improve their survival, which they explain in further detail on the Nordic Food lab blog. The spy music that kicks in around 1:52 really sets the mood. Have a look:


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Nordic Food Lab

Strandgade 93, 1401 København, Denmark

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