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Here's Scientific American's 2013 Food Issue

Scientific American's September 2013 issue is dedicated to all things food, very scientifically described as a thing that "started as a fuel, became a passion, ignited a global crisis — and made us human." Most of the articles ("Microbes Help Grow Better Crops"; "The Truth About Genetically Modified Food") are available to subscribers only, but three of the features are available online:

· Space and physics expert Michael Moyer kicks off the issue Why Does Food Taste So Delicious?, tracing "taste" from sense perception to personal preferences. He also lays out the rest of the issue, separated into "Feast," "Fuel," and "Farm" sections.

· An interactive online graphic — the Food Connection — charts the components ingredients have in common to create a "flavor network." According to research, "chefs do tend to pair ingredients with shared flavor compounds — but only in Western cuisine."

· Editor Ferris Jabr explains (in animated video form) Why Calorie Counts are Wrong. Spoiler alert: It's because "typical calorie counts ignore how we cook and process food, how gut bacteria interact with food and the overall complexity of human digestion." The resulting numbers could be "rather misleading."

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