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Eater NY's Shitshow Week 2013: A Look at Day 2

NYC's Minus5.
NYC's Minus5.
Photo: Eater NY

The hallowed tradition of Shitshow Week continues on Eater NY today, with more insight into the maybe-probably-terrible aspects of the New York dining scene. The takeaway from Day Two:

· Two brave Eater editors visited New York's only ice bar Minus5 in order to properly debate whether or not it's a shitshow, observing "experience packages" offering white fur coats (for $45), out-of-date pop music, and cocktails with names like "Frozen A$$sets." The verdict: "At the 55 minute mark, we decide to cash in our chips. Not necessarily because were couldn't stand the frigid air, but a combination of malaise/empty drinks/cold hands/frozen toes."

· Grocery chain Food Emporium is the latest to hop onto the cronut knock-off bandwagon, so of course, here comes a taste-test: "The pastry straight up feels stale. It's cold and chewy and hard to cut. The cream that squishes out seems to be the sort of Cool Whip-type substance usually found on grocery store cupcakes."

· Part Two of critics' anonymous Airing of Grievances hits the internet. Among them: calling restaurants an "American Public House"; complicated cocktails; and hey, Eater commenters: "Hey there, you six miserable trolls. 2007 called."

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