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Watch John Oliver Slam Fast Food & Minimum Wage

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Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart stand-in John Oliver railed against fast food companies after employees across the country went on strike asking for increased wages. It's not like the chains can't afford it: McDonald's apparently made $5.5 billion in profits last year, although "two thirds of that the Hamburglar made from speculating on capital futures. Totally legal." In any case, Oliver is sure that when the economy fully recovers, minimum wage workers will see some increases. After all, "Everyone remembers during the economic boom of the 90s, fast food workers were just flinging pizzas out of their Rolls Royces."

Then it was on to assessments of the strike over at Fox News, where "the general consensus seems to be that minimum wage is like a Thai massage: if it doesn't hurt, it's not working." Not usually one for service journalism, Oliver makes an exception in this case, displaying photos of the anchors for the benefit of fast food employees: "I'm not saying you should give them the special sauce, I'm just saying it's pretty clear they deserve it."

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