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Watch a Preview of Brew Dogs, Esquire's Beer Show

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As previously reported, Scottish brewers Martin Dickie and James Watt — the duo responsible for brewing the world's strongest beer (at 55% ABV) and stuffing it into a squirrel — have an upcoming show on the Esquire Network. And now, an official preview of Brew Dogs (named for the duo's Scotland brewery BrewDog) has hit the internet.

The clip, which calls Dickie and Watt "evangelists of the craft beer movement," reveals that the show is aimed at "craft beer virgins," or those as-yet unfamiliar with the fact that "that the drink of the masses doesn't have to taste mass-produced." Each episode focuses on one specific brewery in an American city, where the duo brew their own locally inspired beer. Brew Dogs will debut on the Esquire Network on September 24, but for now, watch this extended first look:

Video: Brew Dogs Extended First Look

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