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Behold the Covers of Lucky Peach #8: The Gender Issue

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Here now, the dual covers of the next issue of David Chang and McSweeney's cultishly-followed quarterly journal collaboration Lucky Peach, which is on its way to mailboxes and bookstores everywhere. The theme for this eighth issue will be Gender. This is the first time the cover does not tease the contents. But you will find Alice Waters, Anthony Bourdain, Ben Shewry, and hermaphrodite fish. Take it away LP:

Betwixt these two covers we fumble with issues of gender like unsure 8th graders cautiously groping each other in the sparkle of a disco ball as a slow jam plays at the school dance. Ben Shewry talks about being a dad. Alice Waters talks about being a chef. Bourdain drops some lovely fiction. A lady named Poochie uses a lot of strong language. Sequential hermaphroditism is discussed.

And take it away McSweeney's:

In it, you'll find an interview with Alice Waters, essays about gay cooking in America, the lasting cultural impact of Three's Company's Jack Tripper, and the food of bachelor mountain ascents. Plus: original art exploring the intersection of food and sex, curated by the creators of Thickness, the erotic comics anthology.

Issue #1 of Lucky Peach is a hot commodity. Last December people were selling a copy on eBay for $162.50. Now it's up to $253.75. You probably should subscribe to it.

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