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Watch Richard Rosendale's TEDx Talk on Leaving the Greenbrier Resort, Making Life Changes

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Bocuse d'Or's USA team leader Richard Rosendale resigned earlier this summer from his position at West Virginia's Greenbrier Resort, a major career change that fuels his recent TEDx Talk. "Recently, I resigned from a very prestigious position in the chef industry," Rosendale says. "Many of my peers, people from the outside looking in, say, 'Rich, what are you crazy? You've got a prestigious position, a lot of responsibility, great compensation: It's the pinnacle of one's career.' Well, for me, I would reply and say, 'I'm running out of runway. I have some other things that are meaningful to me.'"

In the talk, about identifying what's important now, Rosendale advocates for changing parts of your life to allow for some risk-taking: "What I'm saying is, If you don't take the shot in life, you're guaranteed to miss it." Go, watch:

Video: You're Running out of Runway: Rich Rosendale at TEDx Lewisburg

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