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Behold Amass, Copenhagen's White-Hot New Restaurant

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[Photos: Martin Kaufmann]

At long last, here's a look inside Amass, which can pretty safely be deemed the hottest new restaurant in Copenhagen. It's been nearly one month since chef Matt Orlando opened his first-ever restaurant amid great proclamations like that of his old boss René Redzepi, who wagered that this might just be Europe's opening of the year. Bookings were sky-high and the early reports have been enthusiastic, but what does it feel like to eat dinner at Amass?

Well, just as Orlando revealed back in January, the restaurant is "a really fluid, transparent environment" that opens up both the kitchen and the restaurant's offices to the dining room. Amass also has its own garden (where at night they light bonfires) and a view out on Copenhagen's harbor. Take a look inside Amass below, and stay tuned for an interview with Orlando in which he explains the open floor plan, creating movement in the dining room, and so much more.

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