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Bon Appetit Announces Ten Best New Restaurants 2013


After announcing fifty finalists last week, Bon Appétit has released restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton's list of the ten best new restaurants in America. According to Knowlton, the list skews young: he "discovered a dining scene that is being reinvented by a band of young chefs (33 is the average age on this list), and one that knows no creative or geographic boundaries. These men and women have inspired me, and I know that they'll inspire you, too."

Making the number one position on the list is Alma, the Los Angeles restaurant from young chef Ari Taymor, of whom Knowlton writes, "Despite his age and relative inexperience, this guy is cooking on a level I rarely see or taste." Also on the list: Joshua Skenes' Saison reboot in San Francisco, Rolf & Daughters pasta palace in Nashville, Macanese food in Chicago at Fat Rice, and many more.

Here is the full list:

The 10 Best New Restaurants in America 2013

1. Alma, Los Angeles, California
2. Saison, San Francisco, California
3. Rolf & Daughters, Nashville
4. Fat Rice, Chicago
5. Ava Gene's, Portland, OR
6. The Pass & Provisions, Houston
7. The Optimist, Atlanta
8. Jeffrey's & Josephine House, Austin
9. The Whale Wins & Joule, Seattle
10. Aska, New York City

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