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Here Are the Rules of Dating a Chef From Eat Drink Love

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Last night Bravo premiered Eat Drink Love, a new reality series that tracks five ladies "connected to the restaurant and food industry in Los Angeles." The cast: Eater's very own Kat Odell (editor of Eater LA); Brenda Urban (of the PR firm Urban + Allen; Jessica Miller (Senior Director of Sales & Events at the LA restaurant group Cardiff Giant); Nina Clemente ("one of Los Angeles' most sought after private chefs"); and Waylynn Lucas (the pastry chef behind f?nuts). Today, Glamour called it "one of the most exciting reality offerings in years." The LA Times rounded up "I can't believe you said that out loud moments," Crushable has "quotes from the Eat, Drink, Love premiere that sounds like something a middle school girl would say," and LA Weekly did a straightforward recap.

Below, the ladies of Eat Drink Love explain the rules of dating a chef, or, as Jessica puts it, "The number one thing you should know about dating chefs in LA is: don't do it."

Video: The Rules of Dating a Chef

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