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Here's a Look at Chris Cosentino's Wolverine Comic Book

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Images: Marvel

Not only is Incanto chef Chris Cosentino the Greatest Chef in History, he's also the crime-fightin' sidekick of X-Man Wolverine. A new one-off 32-page comic from Marvel called Wolverine: In the Flesh features the San Francisco chef as he and his pal/regular customer Logan solve a meaty murder mystery. There is butchery, cannibalism, an evil food truck, a swashbuckling fight with a knife steel, and yet no answer to the question asked by the coroner: "Logan, what's a celebrity chef doing in my morgue?"

Consentino joins the likes of Anthony Bourdain (with the Get Jiro graphic novel), Amanda Cohen (with her Dirt Candy cookbook), and Alain Passard (In the Kitchen with Alain Passard) in the food world comic book trend. Below, a quick peek inside; Wolverine: In the Flesh is out now from Marvel (find a copy near you).





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