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Watch This Bear Steal an Entire Restaurant Dumpster

Forget picnic baskets. An enterprising bear in Colorado Springs, Colorado went dumpster-diving at local German spot Edelweiss Restaurant, pushing the restaurant's garbage bin a full 50 feet out into the parking lot to get better access to the previous night's scraps (yep, smarter than the average, indeed).

The Denver Post brings this vital intel on the bear's probable meal: "The Edelweiss signature dish is rouladen — top round steak pounded and rolled, stuffed with bacon, mustard, onions and pickle; covered in a dark gravy and accompanied by red cabbage and fried potatoes." The Post notes that the bear in question has been seen more than once around the restaurant, and that "staff has been warned to be careful as they go to and from the bins." Watch the bear in action:

Video: Edelweiss Bear Take Out

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Edelweiss Restaurant

34 E Ramona Ave., Colorado Springs, CO