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Martha: Restaurants Comp Me 'Because Martha Comes In'

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Last night, lifestyle media maven Martha Stewart was on the Late Show with David Letterman, where she promoted her latest book Living the Good Long Life and talked about her experiences with online dating. (Yes, Martha Stewart is now looking for love online.) Martha explains that on a first date with a gentleman referred to as "Larry" she went to a "very nice restaurant." When Letterman asks who picked up the tab (seeing as Martha "only went after" men with salaries over $250,000), Martha answers: "Nobody. Because Martha comes in ... We left a tip. The tip was large."

Although Martha doesn't say which restaurant full comped her date, she does say that she went to the legendary New York City restaurant Rao's on a recent date. Do check out the clip below for more about Martha's dating escapades, and the full episode to learn about her self-proclaimed "important book" (Martha's segment begins around 30:30):

Video: David Letterman - Martha Stewart's Online Dating

· The Late Show 7/08/2013 [CBS]
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