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Golden Corral Employee Exposes Unsanitary Conditions

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A Golden Corral employee in Port Orange, Florida is trying to draw attention to some pretty disgusting food handling practices at his location of the chain buffet. According to a video posted to YouTube, this particular Golden Corral has a habit of putting food — mostly meat — out by the dumpsters when health inspectors drop by. The video shows hamburger patties, piles of ribs, containers of gravy and more sitting in the sun, surrounded by flies.

The person who posted the video — it is worth noting this person is not the employee in the video — claims he has tried to bring this situation to light in the past, by filing official complaints with the restaurant and making an eBay listing for the steak and, um, trying to get in touch with Dr. Phil, but nothing has worked. Until this video.

Golden Corral obviously denies everything: a statement posted to their Facebook page less than an hour ago claims "the food in the video was never served to a single customer" and "the employee in the video – through his father – offered to sell the video." Golden Corral also fired the manager of the location.

Meanwhile, another Golden Corral employee has posted photos of gross kitchen conditions to Reddit, so even if the chain buffet manages to clean up the video mess, it seems it has inspired others to speak out. Golden Corral, like most chains, is operated by franchisees, so it's worth noting these issues may be isolated.

Either way, Yelpers are obviously tearing into the place. Most of the reviews are clearly fake, and are either links to the video or its post on Reddit. Quote one such reviewer: "I don't care about the videos. Food is good and I don't see and problem with the storage. My wife smells worse than a dumpster and I still eat whatever she wants." Wise words. Watch the video:

Video: All You Can Eat Ribs

Golden Corral's Statement

In regard to the video that is currently being circulated by an employee of Golden Corral of an isolated incident of improper food handling at our Port Orange, Florida location please note:
1. The food in the video was never served to a single customer.
2. All of the food was thrown away immediately.
3. The employee in the video participated in disposing of the food.
4. The employee in the video – through his father – offered to sell the video.
5. The manager at the restaurant was terminated.

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