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Food Truck Employee Fired for Tip-Shaming on Twitter

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Restaurants might shame no-shows on Twitter, but employees who shame poor tippers should beware: According to his account on The Awl, former Milk Truck employee Brendan O'Connor was fired because he tweeted from his personal account about customers who racked up $170 worth of grilled cheese and milkshakes at the NYC food truck and didn't tip. He included the Twitter handle of the customers' employer, writing: "Shout out to the good people of Glass, Lewis & Co. for placing a $170 order and not leaving a tip. @glasslewis" According to O'Connor, Milk Truck places a priority on social media engagement with customers.


Apparently, the company (a shareholder advisory services firm) reached out to Milk Truck since, two days later, O'Connor was fired and Milk Truck tweeted an apology to Glass, Lewis & Co, writing: "we do NOT in any way support or condone this behavior-our apologies." While O'Connor admits that he knew there was a chance of getting fired for his tweet, he also acknowledges the absurdity of the situation, writing: "The justice or injustice of tipping is a question again under hot debate; the incivility of failing to leave a tip on an order of that size, in the current arrangement of things, is not ... A part-time food-truck worker with 300 Twitter followers managed to shame some Wall Street firm into getting him fired. What a world."

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