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Watch Aaron Franklin Talk Brisket Sauce; Espresso Intake

In this outtake from Dan Rather Reports, pit-master Aaron Franklin (of Austin's Franklin Barbecue, duh) sat down for a live Q&A in New York City, answering the basics about Franklin's infamous lines (he does stand in line at other barbecue places), cooking 1,500 pounds of meat per day, and why he "very rarely" eats barbecue for fun. (Franklin's go-to meal is sushi dipped in ranch: "You deal with overcooked red meat all the time, it's kind of nice to get something that's not red meat and really undercooked.")

He also talks about customers that oversauce their briskets: "It hurts a little." The video, right this way:

Video: Dan Rather Reports, "A Conversation with Aaron Franklin," Web Extra

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