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Cronut Lines Still Crazy Long Nearly Two Months In

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The still very long early morning Cronut line.
The still very long early morning Cronut line.
Photo: @AndyBCampbell

This mind-boggling early morning tweet showing the line in front of Dominique Ansel's NYC bakery confirms that Cronut mania is not letting up. The official Cronut flavor changed to blackberry — and filled with "blackberry-swirled vanilla cream" — this month, so that might explain things, kind of? Either way, people are still standing around for hours to get their chance at these things, despite the legions of cronut fakers (apparently people even line up for those too) out there in the world.

Ansel seems to be taking this all in stride, despite the physical threats, annoying camera crews, and all that bullying he faced after getting Cronut trademarked. There's also an official FAQ page that teaches you everything you could want to know about the Cronut now, including pre-order instructions. After all, the Cronut is still a sweet, delicious thing you want to put in your mouth.

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Dominique Ansel Bakery

189 Spring St, New York, NY 10012