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Todd English's Olives Seized Over $780,000 Debt

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Photo: Todd English Enterprises

Longtime shitshow all-star chef Todd English's signature restaurant, Olives in Charlestown, Massachusetts, has been shuttered by its landlord because English supposedly owes about $780,000 in back rent and interest. All of the restaurant's assets — liquor license included — have been seized. According to Eater Boston, the restaurant shuttered late last week with a sign saying that the premises were "closed until further notice," and English's PR team sent an official statement later that day announcing that the restaurant had indeed closed but would "reopen at a new and shiny location" in the "greater Boston area." But English didn't really have a choice in the matter.

What the statement failed to mention, reports Universal Hub, is that "his landlord closed it for him, after convincing a judge last Fall to let him seize the restaurant and all its belongings." Last September, the owners of the building sued English for more than $780,000 in back rent and interest.

The Boston Globe has previously pointed out that English has "at least" six lawsuits filed against him, all related to "claims of unpaid bills and the closing of several restaurants." Which, Eater Boston notes, also includes the troubles currently affecting the chef's embattled Kingfish Hall restaurant in the Boston's Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

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