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JBF 2013 Leadership Awards; Cochon's Memphis BBQ

NEW YORK CITY— The James Beard Foundation has announced the recipients of 2013's Leadership Awards, bestowed to those whose "work strives to create a more healthful, sustainable, and safe food world." The winners: Hal Hamilton (of Sustainable Food Lab), Cynthia Hayes (Southeastern African-American Farmers Organic Network), Marion Nestle (a nutrition and public health professor at NYU), Ricardo Salvador (Union of Concerned Scientists), and Gus Schumacher (Wholesome Wave). [EaterWire]

MEMPHIS— Traveling pork orgy Cochon 555 will throw a showdown dedicated to all things barbecue in Memphis on August 30. The Heritage BBQ event will feature the work of eight chefs, including Husk's Travis Grimes and Central BBQ's Craig Blondis. [EaterWire]

THE INTERNETShake Shack founder Danny Meyer, burger-slingers Andrew and Jonathan Schnipper and professional meat guru Josh Ozersky stopped by CBS Sunday Morning to talk about why the hamburger has become an American icon. (Ozersky's take? "It represents America to the world in a way that George Washington doesn't.") Go, watch:

Video: Hamburgers: More than Just Goodness on a Bun