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Inside Noma's Demolished Kitchen Before the Remodel

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<span class="credit"><em>[Photo: <a href="http://www.nomamyperfectstorm.com/noma-everything-is-new/">Pierre Deschamps / Documentree Films</a>]</em></span>
[Photo: Pierre Deschamps / Documentree Films]

Filmmaker Pierre Deschamps is currently filming a documentary about René Redzepi's Copenhagen restaurant Noma, and he captured these images of the kitchen being demolished in preparation for a remodel. The remodel project has shuttered the restaurant until August 1 as Redzepi attempts to make more room for his large staff and all of their equipment. (Check out the plans for the new kitchen.) Deschamps' film, Noma: My Perfect Storm is filming now under his Documentree Films production company. Below, another photo of the Noma construction as well as a before shot for context.

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