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Chipotle Admits Its Weird Twitter Was a Marketing Stunt


Everything is a lie: Chipotle has admitted that whole Twitter hacking thing was a stunt to celebrate their 20th anniversary. (On Sunday, the burrito chain let loose a string of bizarre, vague tweets outside of their normal realm of cheery PR nonsense.) And according to Mashable, it worked: Chipotle got about 4,000 new followers the day of the stunt, as opposed to their usually 250. Hope you're ready for every single restaurant chain in the universe to pull the same thing.

The clues were there. The tweets referred Arvada, Colorado, which is a suburb of Denver and the home to Chipotle's corporate headquarters. They also brought up guacamole ingredients, which was apparently tied into some 20th anniversary game thing called the "Adventurrito": Chipotle rep Chris Arnold told Mashable it "was intended to tie into Sunday's puzzle about the ingredients Chipotle uses to make guacamole." Sure, why not.

Anyway, Chipotle is pretty pleased with itself and, because there's never enough of a good thing, they might even start selling t-shirts that say "Please Twitter end Twitter." Please Chipotle end Chipotle.

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