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Alex Guarnaschelli on Choosing Iron Chef Over Top Chef

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In his latest podcast, Alton Brown interviewed New York chef Alex Guarnaschelli. While the Food Network duo cover cookbooks and how Guarnaschelli's mother influenced her cooking, they also go into Guarnaschelli's run on Iron Chef America. The chef became the newest Iron Chef last December after competing twice on Next Iron Chef and winning the second time around. Brown asked her why she wanted to be an Iron Chef. She answers, "Because it's the only actual legit food super hero that there is to want to be in the world." He goes on to say that she could have "kicked ass on Top Chef." Here's Guarnaschelli's response:

Totally, I got asked to be on that show many times. But it didn't feel real. Iron Chef America is so real. Imagine putting on television the whole process of making that food, the technique. It's all about technique. It doesn't even matter if you show the faces sometimes. Think about how much time is spent just pure cooking and movement. That reveals a side of cooking that you don't see on any other show, and you never will. You never will.

She also goes into why she lost the first time (she was tired) and what convinced her to try again: Bobby Flay. Said Guarnaschelli: "He said 'If you win, it will change your life forever and you really need that kind of validation for yourself. So you're going to do it again, and get out of my office.'"

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