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Watch Stephen Colbert Seduce the Domino's Pizza Drone

Last night on the Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert explored Domino's new robotic pizza delivery technology. According the news clip sampled, the small, unmanned, helicopter-like machine "can deliver two large pizzas in ten minutes in a four mile radius." Colbert praises Domino's for "innovating new ways to make food get in my face." He also praises the "pizza drone" itself for being "a great way to make our drone program more appealing to Americans. Because no one likes the idea of US citizens being targeted with Hellfire missiles, but who wouldn't want want to be targeted with a Cali Bacon Chicken Ranch?"

Though he seems generally optimistic about the possibilities of pizza-copters, Colbert does worry that they could "fundamentally alter the basic erotic nature of the customer-pizza delivery guy relationship." A dream sequence in which Colbert attempts to seduce a pizza drone proves the point. Go, watch:

Video: Domino's Pizza Drone

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