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Popeyes Unleashes Mutant Hybrid Chicken Waffle Tenders

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Attention, suckers who are still eating their chicken and waffles separately: Popeyes has seen the future, and it is their new Chicken Waffle Tenders. Consisting of waffle-battered deep fried chicken tenders, the dish is proof that the universe is beginning to collapse in on itself and will soon become a massive black hole. At least they come with french fries, a biscuit, and a honey maple dipping sauce.

AdAge reports that Popeyes was inspired by "the dietary habits of jazz musicians in Los Angeles during 1940s and 50s," which is oddly specific for a fast food LTO, but sure, why not. The ad below shows they're also inspired by a more modern aspect of the LA food scene: food trucks. It's unclear whether the tenders are available now: various Popeyes locations have displayed "Coming Soon" ads, and AdAge notes that the ad campaign for the tenders begins on July 29.

Video: Popeyes Launches Chicken and Waffles Tenders

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