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Concrete Blonde Singer Rages at Jen Carroll on Twitter Over Restaurant Name

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Another day, another Twitter brawl: this time, rocker Johnette Napolitano went after ex-Life After Top Cheftestapant Jen Carroll for using the name Concrete Blonde. Carroll has been making noise about opening a restaurant with that name for years, first in Philly and then in New York City, but the project has been continuously delayed. Napolitano, of course, is the lead singer of alt-rock band Concrete Blonde, which has been around on-and-off since 1986. On Sunday, Napolitano decided to call Carroll out on Twitter: "are you the c*** with the Concrete Blonde restaurant?" Well, not yet, not technically.

After Carroll kind of laughed it off, tweeting "ha it's not open u not like the name?", Napolitano had had enough. "you don't fuck with my band or my fans." "not unless you pay me and you know it." "I'm in NYC next month u wanna throw down?" She even told her fans to Twitter-attack Carroll. (For what it's worth, Wikipedia says REM frontman Michael Stipe originally came up with the Concrete Blonde moniker to "[describe] the contrast between [the band's] hard rock music and introspective lyrics.")

So Carroll shot back, calling out "the other Concrete Blondes out there - winery, book, movie & another restaurant in Australia to name a few." And indeed, there is a California chardonnay, a detective novel, a movie, and a Sydney restaurant that all use the name. Carroll then dropped the issue, but Napolitano probably doesn't need to worry too much about it for now — the restaurant's been delayed for at least two years.

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