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Chipotle's Weird Twitter: Hacked or a Bizarre Media Stunt?

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Something strange happened to Chipotle's official Twitter account over the weekend. Instead of its usual replies to customer concerns and queries from PR people named Joe and Candace, followers were treated to a string of abstract requests from someone seemingly looking for guacamole ingredients in Arvada, Colorado. It went on for about an hour with 13 tweets in all, with some seemingly mistaking Twitter for a search engine ("Find avocado store in Arvada, Colorado") and others a touch more existential ("end twitter," "please twitter").

It's unclear whether they were hacked or if it was a marketing stunt, although they did get a lot of attention for the absurdity. Mashable got a statement from the burrito chain which doesn't really answer the question either way: "I'm glad no one went Anthony Weiner on us, but everything seems to be fine." Below, all of Chipotle's Twitter breakdown, in order.




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