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Alain Ducasse and Alex Atala to Partner on Rio Restaurant


Michelin-bespangled international chef/restaurateur Alain Ducasse and Brazilian chef Alex Atala (of D.O.M. in Sao Paulo, ranked #6 in the world) plan to partner on a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, reports Vogue Brazil. Rio will host both the upcoming 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, so it looks like the duo plans to cash in on those sweet, sweet, international-sports-loving tourist dollars.

There aren't a ton of details available (and what is known is courtesy Google Translate). Vogue quotes Ducasse as saying, "I hope the project goes well, because Brazil is an amazing country and I love the Brazilians." In addition to the restaurant, Ducasse also wrote the foreword to Atala's upcoming cookbook for Phaidon.

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