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Extremist Vegan Website Names and Threatens Ex-Vegans

Cool: Here's the website Vegan Sellout List from a bunch of vegan extremists that offers a user-submitted online directory of people who are ex-vegans. It is a refined mix of unchecked self-righteousness and threats of actual physical violence. The website includes both average people and celebrities, as well as chefs and food industry people.

It includes: Andrea Beaman (of Top Chef season one), forager Frank Giglio, Boston area chef Jamie Bissonnette, NYC butcher Berlin Reed, and LA chef Jon Shook's girlfriend and actress Shiri Appleby.

Also on the website is Ben Runkle, owner of Salt & Time, a butcher shop/restaurant in Austin. On his entry, the Vegan Sellout List actually advocates violence against him and his business: "I hope someone breaks out every window at this sick man's shop."

The mission statement is really fun and totally dickish: "If you're no longer vegan, you're going on the list." It also rails against trendy fake veganism: "Selling out veganism is a trend on the upswing, bringing with it swarms of haughty, nose-turning carnists uttering nonsensical buzzwords re: veganism being 'privileged', or 'trendy', critiquing themselves into ethical degeneracy and paleo-terrorism." The website is self-described as "an online directory of those who have regressed from moral consistency to moral depravity."

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