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Watch Lewis Black's Anti-TX/Pro-NYC Food Political Ad

On last night's Daily Show, comedian Lewis Black took on Texas governor and "the gift who has no idea he keeps giving" Rick Perry, who has recently launched a series of ads trying to convince businesses to move from states like Illinois and California to Texas. But when "Rick Perry's job stealing tour" gets to New York, Black finds it's time to release an ad of his own. "And what about the food? We can get whatever, whenever," intones Black in a voiceover. " It's 8:00 in the morning? Well then I'll take a slice of pizza with sushi on it." The fake ad begins around 3:55, below. "What's for lunch? Vietnamese? Chinese? Italian? Bhutanese? Texas, can you even spell Bhutanese?"

Video: Back in Black - New York Versus Texas

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