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Watch Lorena Garcia Threaten to Cut People for Taco Bell

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Here's Taco Bell's latest commercial featuring the fake "master chef" Lorena Garcia waving around a knife in a freakishly unprofessional manner. "So I told my team at Taco Bell... I said give me some real pepper jack cheese and give me double the marinated steak or else.. why bother," says Garcia in the commercial. "They did seem a little nervous... probably because I doubled the steak." Lorena Garcia is many things: the chef/owner of two airport restaurants, a consultant for Taco Bell (in which she helped the fast food chain blatantly rip off Chipotle), and she is going to be a judge on the Spanish-language celebrity-only Telemundo spinoff of Top Chef. Also she will ignore basic safety standards in favor of a shitty joke in a commercial. Here's video:

Video: Lorena Garcia Threatens to Cut People for Taco Bell

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