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Pizzeria Owner Caught on Webcam; Internet Reacts

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Photo: 4chan

Thanks to some 4Chan users, the owner of San Diego's Jersey Joe's Pizzeria now has the nickname "Jerkin' Joe." The pizzeria's unsecured webcam, located in the kitchen area, allegedly caught owner Giusepp "Joe" Scire masturbating in the back room, which Internet peeping toms screengrabbed and shared on 4Chan. Scire has publicly denied that the images are of him and/or his restaurant, telling the Huffington Post that he's possibly the victim of retaliation by two recently fired employees.

And of course, the Internet's not done yet. Jersey Joe's Yelp page is now the site for strangers to practice their double-entendre skills, like in this recent review:

"Sauce is real Italian, and they were able to crank one out in just a few minutes... Was a little disappointed with the meat pizza, needed to slap a bit more salami on there, maybe add some pulled pork or hot sausage."

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