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Paula Deen Supporters Launch Butter Wrapper Campaign

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A group of hardcore fans has banded together to show their support for beleaguered ex-Food Network star Paula Deen by sending butter wrappers with letters to companies like the Food Network, Sears, JCPenney, QVC, and others that have stopped working with Deen in the wake of her now-infamous racist testimony and the subsequent media shitstorm. According to CNN, the butter "wrappers are intended as signs of protest -- physical declarations of 'we're sticking with Paula.'" The group is calling itself Butter for Paula, and as of today they have over 600,000 likes on their Facebook page.

Butter for Paula founder John Schmitt told CNN of the group members: "People on the page are a lot like me ... They support Paula and who she is as a person." Their website states their point of view that Deen was "unjustly vilified by a carefully calculated media smear campaign." Not to be outdone by the viral hashtags like #PaulasBestDishes, #PaulaDeenPornTitles, and #PaulasBestDishes, Butter for Paula is trying to make #WeWantButter happen.

Below is the letter enraged Deen fans are encouraged to send to corporations. Do have a look:

Dear Butter Wrapper Recipient,

Each butter wrapper that you receive represents the voice of millions of loyal Paula Deen fans across America. A company without Paula, is like a butter wrapper without butter. We're ashamed and outraged at the media's careless and negligent handling and reporting which has caused pain and devastation in so many innocent lives. We insist that Scripps Network (Food Network, Great American Country – GAC, Cooking Channel) bring Paula back into our living rooms, and that each and every retailer, including QVC, restock Paula Deen product lines. Many supporters have suspended purchasing products from these corporations, and have discontinued viewing Food Network shows, and many more will follow.

Paula Deen fans have their work cut out for them. The former pharmashill has plently of lost corporate and book deals to go around.

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