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Greasy Spoons Week Across the Eater Universe, Day 3

Clockwise from top left: Diner Grill, Chicago [Photo: <a href="">Marc Much</a>/ECHI]; Ardero + Bodero, DC [Photo: <a href="http://www.underabushel.c
Clockwise from top left: Diner Grill, Chicago [Photo: Marc Much/ECHI]; Ardero + Bodero, DC [Photo: Morabito/ENY

As you may have noticed, city editors across the Eater network are celebrating Greasy Spoons Week from now until Friday. Earlier, we saw some of the Eater Scenes unfolding across the country, and now, on this halfway point of the week, a look at all Greasy Spoons content in the Eater universe, from a film dedicated to a much-missed NYC luncheonette to some awkwardly expensive diner dishes to some of LA's best deep-fried menu items.

New York
· Eater's 24-Hour Westway Diner Liveblog
· VIDEO: Watch a Film on Grand Luncheonette, Shuttered in 1997
· VIDEO: Watch Jess Schenker Make Recette's 'Pork Belly Pot Pie'
· Tom's, Andrew Friedman's Favorite Diner in Real Life

· Owner Richard Thomas on Celebs, Strippers, 24/7 Service and More at R. Thomas Deluxe Grill
· The Definitive Guide to Atlanta's Waffle House Locations

· Greasy Spoons Giveaway: Name That Plate Day Three

· Rox Diner's Kelly Lydon on MacGyvering at Greasy Spoons
· Samuel Monsour on Greasy Spoon Memories
· Greg Gale on Boston Super Dog
· Met Back Bay's Brady Duhame on Greasy Spoon Memories

· 5 Mike Lata-Approved Greasy Spoons in Charleston

· Chef Abraham Conlon's Special Hong Kong French Toast at Fat Rice
· Table, Donkey & Stick To Offer Diner-esque Industry Menu

· John's Cafe: A Lower Greenville Staple for 41 Years

· Late Night on Fridays, Denver Diner Is Just an American Slice of Normal on Colfax
· Fancy Grease: the Breakfast Burrito at Corner House

· Want Grease? Chef Andy Hollyday's Got You Covered

Los Angeles
· Lifers: Teri Ernst, Owner of Dinah's Family Restaurant
· Melisse's Corned Beef Tongue Hash with Truffled Egg

· href="">11 Greasy Spoons That Eater Readers Love

· Presenting the Twin Cities' 10 Best Cheap Hot Dogs
· Lifers: Mary Kiritschenko on 40 Years at Mickey's Diner

· McCabe Pub Sous Chef Talks Learning, Change in the Kitchen

New Orleans
· Where to Eat Drunk or Hungover at Tales of the Cocktail
· Alon Shaya on His Favorite New Orleans Greasy Spoon
· Josh Enderle and the NOLAfication of a New York Diner

· Now & Then: The Continental on Market Street

· PDX Wine Pros Name Their Greasy Spoon Dish Pairings
· Harissa Biscuits and Gravy with Levant's Scott Snyder

San Diego
· Lifers: Meet the Man Behind Lucky's Golden Phenix, Who Knew North Park Would Be Cool Long Before It Ever Was

San Francisco
· Lifers: Bruce and Sheila Chapman of It's Top Coffee Shop

· Mike Seely on Trying to Define Wedgwood Broiler
· Where to Find 9 Awesome Diner-Inspired Dishes in Seattle
· Mecca's 'Jonesy' on Celebs, Sandwiches and Coach Karl

Washington DC
· What CityZen's Andy Myers Would Pair with Meatloaf
· Where to Eat Meatloaf Right NOW
· Awkwardly Expensive Greasy Spoon Dishes
· A Look at Diner-Esque Food at Chef-Driven Restaurants
· Craving Comfort Food? Go Here for Blue Plate Specials

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