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McDonald's Financial Advice to Employees: Get a 2nd Job

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Screengrab: McDonald's

Fast food giant McDonald's partnered with Visa to provide handy financial worksheets and advice to help their employees get their "money on track." Not surprisingly, the advice comes off as condescending ("Everyone needs financial goals") and the budgeting templates are woefully inaccurate.

The fast-food workers advocacy group Low Pay Is Not Ok analyzed the numbers in McDonald's suggested budgeting template and found that the company implies workers need a minimum of $15/hour to get by (versus the average $8.25 McDonald's workers make). In the template, McDonald's suggests employees can make up the difference with a second job. The template also suggests that mortgage/rent costs $600 per month, that heat is free, and that health insurance is only $20 per month. There are no line items for gas, food, or child care costs. Oops. Below, Low Pay Is Not Ok's video analysis:

Video: McBudgeting

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