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Checking in on Greasy Spoons Week, Day Two

Clockwise from top left: The Melrose Diner, Philly [Photo: <a href="">Eater Philly</a>]; The Egg &amp; I, Minneapolis [Photo: <a href="http://www.katiecannonpho
Clockwise from top left: The Melrose Diner, Philly [Photo: Eater Philly]; The Egg & I, Minneapolis [Photo: Brastead/Eater NOLA

City editors across the Eater network are celebrating Greasy Spoons Week all this week — in all manner of maps, guides, interviews, and other content devoted to those beloved neighborhood diners. On this, the second day of GSW 2013, let's check in on all the coverage so far:

New York
· VIDEO: James McDuffee on Joseph Leonard's 'Dagwood' Special
· VIDEO: The Making of Pearl & Ash's 'Lemon Meringue Pie'
· Diverse Crowd at Third Avenue Stalwart Joe Jr.
· VIDEO: Bryce Shuman and Eamon Rockey Reinvent Diner Classics
· New York's Most Iconic Diners and Lunch Counters

· Waffle House by the Numbers
· The Silver Skillet: A Taste of Yesterday Today
· Atlanta's Top 10 Iconic Greasy Spoons
· These Restaurants Created Greasy Spoons Week Specials Just For You
· A Guide to Greater Georgia's Greasy Spoon Restaurants

· Kerbey Lane GM Phil Bachus On The Kerbey Spirit
· Greasy Spoons Giveaway: Name That Plate Day Two
· Austin's 17 Favorite Greasy Spoons, Mapped
· It's Greasy Spoons Week! Can You Name That Plate?

·Greasy Spoon Lifer Paul Maslow on 27 Years of Strip-T's
· Chicken-Fried Pork Belly at Gaslight Brasserie du Coin
· City Landing's Bill Brodsky on His Favorite Greasy Spoon
· Spaghetti & Meatballs at Anthem
· Daryl Levy on Owning the Deluxe Town Diner
· Not Yo Mamas Meatloaf at Olde Magoun's Saloon
· Tres Gatos' Marcos Sanchez on Favorite Greasy Spoons
· Rocky's BBQ Chicken Pizza at jm Curley
· The Ultimate Guide to Boston's Best Greasy Spoons
· Joanne Chang's Childhood IHOP Experience
· Eat These Greasy Spoons Week Specials Right Now

· 9 Iconic Greasy Spoons Across Charleston
· Coming Right Up: Greasy Spoons Week Starts Now

· Lifers: Palace Grill Owner George Lemperis
· Eat Like Chefs and Bartenders at These Greasy Spoons
· Eater Chicago's Iconic Greasy Spoons Map
· Impertinent Questions with Brad Rubin of Eleven City Diner and Eleven Lincoln Park (with a cameo by Jeff Garlin)

· Pam Spell Talks 20 Years at Norma's Cafe in Oak Cliff
· Norma's Cafe By the Numbers
· What to Eat at Dallas's Best Greasy Spoons

· Shanna Henkel: Waitress Turned Owner of the Village Coffee Shop
· Fancy Grease: the Carnitas Papas Fritas at Euclid Hall
·These Are Denver's Ten Iconic Greasy Spoon Joints

· An American Coney In Vegas, Vegan Soul Soon
· 11 Iconic Greasy Spoons (And What To Order There)

· 16 Classic Houston Greasy Spoons, Mapped
· Welcome to Greasy Spoons Week!

Las Vegas
· Welcome to Eater's First-Ever Greasy Spoons Week

Los Angeles
· Have a Look at Patina's Reinterpreted Pigs in a Blanket
· 14 Milkshakes to Try Before You Die in Los Angeles
· Guide to Iconic Greasy Spoons in Los Angeles
·Eater's First-Ever Greasy Spoons Week Starts Right Now

· Former Waffle House Chef and Manager on 'How the Waffle Burns'
·8 Iconic Greasy Spoons and What to Order at Each
· 13 Louisville Chefs Share Their Most Recent Greasy Spoon Visits

· Judy Beck Keeps Up With the Kids at Moody's
· Maine's 10 Most Iconic Diners
· Welcome to Greasy Spoons Week

· Elfi Robinson on 14 Years at the S & S Diner
· 11 of Miami's Iconic Greasy Spoons
· Greasy Spoons Week Starts Now!

· The Egg and I, Sunday at Noon
· Introducing the Twin Cities' 14 Most Iconic Diners
· Welcome to Greasy Spoons Week 2013, Starting NOW

· Nashville's Most Iconic Greasy Spoons
· Eater Nashville Greasy Spoons Week Is Here!

New Orleans
· Slim Goodies, Monday, 10 a.m
· New Orleans Iconic Greasy Spoons & What To Order
· Greasy Spoons Week Starts Right Now

· Here Are Philly's Best Greasy Spoons
· Welcome to Greasy Spoons Week

· Making the 'Ultimate Reuben' with Higgins' Greg Higgins
· Frying Foie Gras and Waffles with St. Jack's Aaron Barnett
· Behold Portland's 12 Iconic Greasy Spoon Breakfasts
· Welcome to Eater's Greasy Spoons Week 2013

San Diego
· Here Are The Iconic Diners of San Diego
· Welcome to Eater's Greasy Spoons Week

San Francisco
· 15 Iconic San Francisco Greasy Spoons
· What Are Your Favorite Greasy Spoons?

· Crazy Shit Dave Meinert Has Seen Owning The 5 Point
·What 11 Seattle Chefs Order at Their Fave Greasy Spoon
· Eater's First-Ever Greasy Spoons Week Starts Right Now

Washington DC
· Peaches Halton on Ben's Chili Bowl's Famed Sauce, Virginia Ali and the Greasy Spoon's Future
· A Drunk Guy and a Zumba Teacher Walk into a Diner?
· Azur Gets Diner-Inspired with a Fried Fish Sandwich
· Chef-Endorsed Diners: Where They Go for Grease
· Here Are 25 of the D.C. Area's Iconic Greasy Spoons
· A Look at The Diner By The Numbers
· Introducing Taylor Gourmet's Take on a Club Sandwich

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