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City Changes Nudity Law Due to 'Breastaurant' Waitresses

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Redneck Heaven, Lewisville, Texas.
Redneck Heaven, Lewisville, Texas.
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Officials in one Texas town voted to toughen up their city nudity laws after local complaints that waitresses at a breastaurant named Redneck Heaven wore nothing but body paint and pasties to cover their upper bits. The local CBS news station notes that "normally, the servers at Redneck Heaven wear bikini tops. But during events called ABC — anything but clothes — the servers take off their tops and don pasties and body paint to cover their upper torso."

After being alerted by a customer complaint, the city council voted last night to change its laws, requiring food servers to wear "decent covering." The video, including testimony from a "body paint artist," right this way:

Video: Defining Nudity

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