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Chefs Shoot Guns to Encourage 'Foodie Class' of Hunters

Chef Greg Denton, of Ox in Portland.
Chef Greg Denton, of Ox in Portland.
Photo: Bill Monroe/Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Though serving wild-hunting game on a restaurant menu is illegal in Oregon, the state's Department of Wildlife recently took a group of chefs on a shooting excursion — hoping that allowing chefs to blast a skeet disc with a shotgun would encourage "a new generation of hunters [to] be born." According to the AP, the group of novice hunters at the "Meat, Greet, & Skeet" event, organized in part by Oregon game purveyor Nicky USA (which raises its game rabbits and birds), received firearms training — then got to fire .20-gauge shotguns at clay discs. Says one participating chef: "It's symbolic, killing the old-fashioned way."

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