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Epic Toronto Floods Force Restaurant Closures

Photo: chefaz / Instagram

Strong floods knocked the power out for much of Toronto yesterday, causing many restaurants to close unexpectedly and cancel all reservations. David Chang's three new-ish Toronto outposts shuttered for the evening citing "flooding + power outage." Veteran Toronto chef Susur Lee was forced to close his namesake Lee and father-and-sons project Bent early as well. Daniel Boulud's camp over at Café Boulud in the Four Seasons seemed to make it out unaffected.

Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern was also in town at the time. From the looks of his Instagram and Twitter, all the power outages and flooding caused him a few problems during his trip, including having to eat noodles in the dark. Below, a modest gallery of the now very wet Great White North.

Do you have restaurant images of the Toronto floods? Let us know.

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