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Coffee Shops Continue the War on Laptop Hobos

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Crema Coffeehouse in Denver, CO.
Crema Coffeehouse in Denver, CO.
Photo: Crema / Facebook

The front line of the ongoing war between coffee shops and laptop squatters is now in Colorado. According to The Denver Post, coffee purveyors like Wooden Spoon have entirely disabled Wi-Fi and straight up banned laptops and tablets. Co-owner Jason Burgett told the Post, "It got to the point where we had customers watching YouTube videos and blasting them at full volume...We're a small shop with only 16 seats. We prefer that our customers have the opportunity for social interaction." You mean outside of Twitter?

Crema Coffeehouse covered its outlets because of "safety and aesthetics," and because they "feel like [they] shouldn't be responsible for people's equipment." The shop isn't worried about "people tying up a table all day." Owner Noah Price tells the Post, "People can spend as long as they want here." Except you know, just make sure all your electronics are fully charged first.

Some of these tactics aren't exactly new. Monster coffee shop chain Starbucks started covering outlets at select locations as far back as August 2011. Last March, some Chicago coffee shops even started to change the wi-fi password every two hours, only giving the new password to people who actually bought things. And the (passive-agressive?) war against laptop squatter types rages on.

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Crema Coffeehouse

2862 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado 80205

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