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First Look: The True Blood Cocktail Book

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Photos: Paula Forbes / Eater

Hope you're ready for a bunch of cocktails that look like blood and fake southern accents because True Blood: Drinks & Bites is here. Drinks & Bites is the second cookbook based on the sexy, sexy vampires of HBO's True Blood; the first came out about a year ago. The new book focuses on happy hour: drinks and, erm, bites with names like "Cheese Spread For the Undead." (Do vampires eat cheese?)

And in the very odd tradition of the first True Blood cookbook, we're treated to first person narratives of various characters. Vampiress Jessica Hamby on not drinking: "There's all sortsa ways to enjoy a good cocktail without the booze. Especially if you're a vampire. My favorite (other than fresh from the source) is O neg with a twist of B pos." So, in sum: bad puns and advice for teetotaling vampires. Neat. Check out a preview of the book below; True Blood: Drinks & Bites is out now from Chronicle (order on Amazon).

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