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Watch Boston Chef Joanne Chang Talk Career Change and Her New Cookbook

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Here's Boston chef/baker Joanne Chang giving a Google Talk in which she discusses her new cookbook, Flour, Too. The conversation winds its way through Joanne's time as an honors student at Harvard (she sold cookies baked from her dorm kitchen), her love of running (she'd spend money earned from said cookies on running shoes), and her decision to leave a position in management consulting to pursue a culinary career. Of her career change, Chang explains "I didn't want to stay, and I didn't want to go to business school. I was kind of stuck ... I didn't have this plan that I was making a career change, I was going to take a year off to do something I enjoyed."

Chang, who owns Flour Bakery + Cafe with four locations and the restaurant Myers + Chang, also has sound advice for budding entrepreneurs: "For me, definitely, it's about creating and developing team of people that surround you and who believe in what your do ... unless you're a one-man show you need to rely on other people." Go, watch:

Video: Joanne Chang: Flour, Too | Talks at Google

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