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The Best (and Worst) #PaulaDeenPornTitles Tweets

Over the weekend, TMZ brought the disturbing news that a "MILF-based" porn site has offered beleaguered ex-Food Network star Paula Deen a "six-figure" sum for an unspecified gig (that requires no nudity). And well done, internet: In the hallowed tradition of #PaulaDeenTVShows and #PaulasBestDishes comes the ante-upping #PaulaDeenPornTitles, trending on Twitter right at this moment. Some of them directly poke fun at Deen's racist testimony scandal, others the deep-fried nature of her food. Below, some of the best (relatively SFW-ish) Tweets of the bunch. (For a raunchier good time, head directly to Twitter, where things are getting interesting.)

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