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Watch Zimmern Talk Getting Fired by Thomas Keller

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Here's the latest episode of Vice's web series Munchies, which Andrew Zimmern themes "people who either fired me or didn't hire me." The video kicks off with an anecdote from the apparently kind of rough year he spent at Thomas Keller's Rakel: "[Keller] and couple of other guys found me drunk from the night before, passed out on the floor." Zimmern also talks about what happened when he saw Keller for the first time after getting fired, ten years later: "He literally walked across the room, gave me a hug, [and] whispered in my ear, 'I thought you were dead.'"

Then it's on to a food tour. Zimmern and his posse start with 120-day aged prime rib at Osteria Morini before heading to Restaurant Marc Forgione (Forgione's father also fired Zimmern from his restaurant An American Place back in the day). The group ends up at Barbuto, where they chat with chef Jonathan Waxman and cook him some Chinese-style chicken drumsticks. Here's the video:

Video: Andrew Zimmern Munchies Episode

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