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VA Sushi Restaurant Bans Teens and Babies

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Alexandria, VA restaurant owner Mike Anderson is saying no to children, and not just the small kind: His newest restaurant, The Sushi Bar, will only admit guests who are 18 and over. Anderson, who owns two other restaurants (both of which welcome children), told that "we thought, 'they need a break.' Not so much a break from their kids, but adjoining kids." Responses on the restaurant's Facebook page have been mixed.

While Anderson is by no means the first restaurateur to ban children from his restaurant — Chicago chef Dale Levitski banned kids from his brunches, and one Pennsylvania restaurant owner banned all children under 6 — Anderson's policy is unique in that teenagers are also prohibited. A plus side of the move is that diners get to not only avoid breeder's shrieking demonic hellspawn, they also won't be forced to witness any angsty teens on awkward dates in the restaurant's "very romantic, very sexy" lounge. Anderson defended his views in an interview with local news station WUSA9, here's what he has to say about dropping the ban hammer on kids:

Video: Mike Anderson Defends "No Kids" Policy In New Del Ray Eatery

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The Sushi Bar

2312 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301

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