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Here Are Nine Cronut Imposters From Around the World

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Since imitation is the sincerest form of something or other, here are nine totally fake knockoffs of Dominique Ansel's famous doughnut/croissant hybrid, the Cronut. The word "cronut" is trademarked by Ansel, so most of these go by other names; variations on "dossant" and "doissant" are popular. And this isn't just happening in the US: Australia and the Philippines have gotten in on the fake cronut action as well. Even Pillsbury is trying to get in on the action by providing a recipe for "Crescent Doughnuts." Last week in an interview with Eater, Ansel addressed the imposters, saying that he was "very flattered to be an inspiration for people." But his lawyer "says something else." Below, nine copycats that strive for greatness.

[Photo: thebridegene / Instagram]

MoVida, Melbourne, Australia

Calling it the "dossant," MoVida baker Michael James tells GoodFood, "It's definitely Dominique Ansel's idea...We're not trying to hide that fact. If anyone asks about it at the bakery, we'll definitely tell them the inspiration came from New York. I don't know what his recipe is; we just make it our way and finish it off with our own interpretation."

San Diego's Donut Bar posted a photo of the "dossant" from MoVida to Facebook, noting "We are going to do our best to "benchmark' Chef Dominique Ansels' creation. Our hopes are to perfect this "croissant meets donut" concoction early this week. Stay tuned for our yummy spin on this INSTANT CLASSIC!"

[Photo: sushiwoogie / Instagram]

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, Manila, Philippines

Cronuts have made it all the way to the Philippines. Wildflour confirms they're selling these chocolate-topped numbers on their Facebook page. ?120 Philippines pesos is about US $2.86.

[Photo: @chococrustdc / Twitter]

Chocolate Crust, Washington DC

Per their Facebook page, Chocolate Crust is also on the "doissant" train: "We've made it happen people! This our frat batch of the croissant and donut mix and we are calling them doissants. Chocolate croissant base with hazelnut cream inside and a pistachio topping. (Cronut is trademarked.) Still testing out recipes and batches but stop by later today or tomorrow for one of these crazy decadent creationsn. [sic]"

[Photo: tuffbubble / Instagram]

Tony's Donut House, Huntington Park, California

Spotted on Instagram, this is a Boston Cream-flavored take on a cronut.

[Photo: mylastbite / Instagram]

Roxana Jullapat's Cronots

Pastry chef Roxana Jullapat of Cooks County in LA made what got called "cronots" on Instagram, although it seems like they were for a private tasting and not for sale. Yet: Los Angeles Magazines notes, "Jullapat won't be throwing them on the menu until she feels her recipe is perfect."

[Photo: Pillsbury]

The Pillsbury Salted Caramel Crescent Doughnut

Want to make cronut imposters using all-Pillsbury ingredients? Sure, why not. SFist also did a take using premade dough.

[Photo: @CircleCitySweet / Twitter]

Circle City Sweets, Indianapolis

Here's another "dossant" at Circle City Sweets in Indianapolis. They note via Facebook, "Friday. 8am. First public selling of our version of the "cronut". Or as we call them "doissants". You can't get these anywhere else." Except, you know, from Dominique Ansel.

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