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Dunkin's Bacon Doughnut Sandwiches Go Nationwide

Photo: Dunkin' Donuts

Remember when Dunkin' Donuts first unleashed its Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich on the people of Massachusetts back in April? Well apparently the people liked what they saw. Starting June 7, or what the chain calls "National Donut Day," Dunkin' Donuts' national menu will officially be one Bacon Doughnut Breakfast Sandwich richer.

It should be noted that this sandwich actually has less calories (360) than the purportedly good-for-you turkey sausage sandwich (390). Even though it has bacon and a fried egg. And is also sandwiched between a glazed donut. Science works in funny ways.

Oh, and don't forget that these things can be customized. Stan Frankenthaler, the chain's executive chef and vice president of product innovation, tells the AP that people can "[request] that [their sandwiches] be made with a certain type of bagel." Or, if you're feeling adventurous and perhaps want the sandwich on "any type of doughnut, such as a chocolate cake doughnut," Frankenthaler is "sure the store will do that for you."

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