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Taco Bell Employee Busted for Licking Tacos on Facebook

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[Photo: Jj O'Brien Nolan / Facebook]

Yesterday, a photo was posted to Taco Bell's Facebook page showing an employee putting some tongue moves on a giant stack of taco shells. It's unclear exactly where the image came from, although it was posted by someone named Jj O'Brien Nolan. The photo has since been removed from Taco Bell's Facebook, but it is still very much visible on poster's page for all of the Internet to see.

Gawker notes that many of the comments on the photo claim the "unhygienic intimate" act likely took place in a Ridgecrest, California Taco Bell. Over on Consumerist, it's mentioned that the taco licker could have possibly thrown the shells out afterward, which, while still kind of weird, at least could mean customers weren't subjected to spit-flavored tacos.

Taco Bell isn't the only fast food chain with employees that like to post pictures of themselves doing gross things to food on the Internet. This past February, a KFC employee was fired for licking (or perhaps about to lick) a tub of mashed potatoes. Burger King has also had to let people go after an image of a worker standing on two containers of lettuce was posted on Internet board 4chan with the caption, "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." And last August when an Indiana worker tweeted an image of and was subsequently busted for "peeing" on a bowl of nachos. (Spoiler: he wasn't actually peeing, it was Mountain Dew.)

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